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Ending Your Day With a Picture Book

We start off our day with picture books…. I don’t know why it’s taken me until now to realize we should end our days with them too. Every morning during circle time I read a handful of picture books to … Continue reading

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Potty Party Book Recommendations

The other day I picked up Lyra for a cuddle and for a {very} fleeting moment I had a nostalgic sensation that tricked me into thinking I miss picking up a baby with a padded, squishy, diapered butt. Like I said, … Continue reading

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Enrolling in Hogwarts

FLASHBACK POST <<This is a post I made on another blog back on July 27, 2007.  It was my attempt at a public apology to J.K. Rowling (and, more personally, to my friend Es) for my initial contemptuous ridicule of the Harry … Continue reading

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Literature-Lite: Bite-Sized Nuggets of the Classics for the Littlest of Readers

If you’re a literature-loving nerd like me, you’ve probably already fantasized about the days when your children will be old enough to be exposed to your favorite classic novels. How thrilling it’ll be to dive back into some of your … Continue reading

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Poetry at the Park

I never got poetry as a kid.  In my early school days we just kind of skimmed the surface of it which left me sufficiently confident that poetry was not my thing.  By the time college rolled around, I had myself … Continue reading

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Whatever the Weather We’re Gonna Read Together

The other day it dawned on me that I had unwittingly decreased the level of board and picture books that we read in the course of our day.  I think I’ve gotten so caught up in our chapter books and … Continue reading

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The Bump Which Caused a Lump (in my throat)

Every so often I come across a children’s book that gives me pause.  Some picture books are just witty and cute, some silly and fun, some teach the ABCs or 123s . . . most have some sort of lesson, … Continue reading

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Countdown to Christmas

Every Christmas I tell myself I’m going to buy a whole bunch of holiday-themed picture books after Christmas (to take advantage of sales and discounts) and build up a collection of 24-30 seasonal books.  I figure I could immediately store them unseen … Continue reading

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How To Get To Narnia

Can you believe that up until last month I had never read a single C.S. Lewis book?  Seriously.  In all my childhood reading- my devouring and unquenchable thirst for books- I never became acquainted with the Chronicles of Narnia. I had heard … Continue reading

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“I’m Gonna Watch You Shine, Gonna Watch You Grow…”

This past week Mira has been asking to read our bedtime story out loud.  I’m not sure if it’s because she’s feeling more confident in her reading or if she really just digs L. Frank Baum’s story.  Either way- it’s … Continue reading

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