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Cosmic Tower

Howard recently showed me a short ten-minute video called “Powers of 10“.  It is a great way to try and visualize just how big, and likewise how small, the universe truly is. Immediately after viewing it I knew I wanted to add … Continue reading

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Last year I did quite a few Five in A Row units with my daughters.  I’ve had a couple emails asking if I’ve done any more since the last few I blogged about.  The truth is we did but it … Continue reading

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The Glorious Flight

Looking back on our rowing experience with The Glorious Flight, I think I can accurately say that Mira’s favorite bit of information taken from these lessons was learning the word and definition of onomatopoeia.  She became obsessed with the idea of words … Continue reading

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Sweeeeet Madeline (bom bom bom)

Time for another Five In A Row post! This week we read this classic by Ludwig Bemelmans: Rowing Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline was a lot of fun.  (And if you haven’t been to the official Madeline website you should check it out.  You can sign your … Continue reading

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Last October we started rowing Ping.  One of the great things about FIAR is the additional ideas and activities all over the internet.  Just a little bit of searching and you’ll find yourself in a conundrum- it’s VERY easy to … Continue reading

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To Curriculum or not to curriculum

Curriculum.  Some homeschoolers follow one and some don’t.  Since my family is just starting out on our homeschooling journey I decided to give myself a bit of leeway and have fun experimenting doing different activities with my kids during the day while … Continue reading

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