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Zeezok Music Appreciation Curriculum

Sometimes I’ll catch myself becoming deeply aware of a single moment.  It can be a look, a phrase, or just a particular event that sucks me into a sort of slow motion reverie where I just know a lifelong memory is … Continue reading

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The Opera – An Entertainment for Young People?

I took the girls to the opera over the weekend.  It was our first performance of the fall season, (and Lyra’s first ever- she did GREAT!) and it worked our perfectly because it was Benjamin Britten’s The Little Sweep.  Benjamin … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – Green Golly and her Golden Flute

 “In the old days, Rapunzel had to cope with isolation, boredom, and an abbreviated social life, but her modern-day alter ego, Green Golly, has a beautiful golden flute to express her deepest feelings and a life filled with music by the world’s greatest … Continue reading

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Give Your Kids Their Very Own Symphony!

My daughter Lyra turned 3 years old last month and has been proudly showing off that fact to anyone and everyone.  I love seeing her chubby-toddler fingers carefully and meticulously splay apart as she displays her ripe old age. Needless … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – “Whatever I Want To Be” by Young Avenue Kids

In my most recent post, I shared 7 Tips to Help Instill a Love of Classical Music and laid out some simple suggestions to foster an early appreciation in young children. One of the easiest tips to implement is simply playing more … Continue reading

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7 Suggestions For Fostering a Love of Classical Music In Your Children

If I could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of my life- without a doubt it would be classical.  Classical music can raise my spirits; it can bring me to tears- it motivates and inspires me. … Continue reading

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REVIEW – Maestro Classics children’s music CD

I would really, really appreciate a set of Maestro Classics CDs this year!  They’ve been on my radar for awhile now…pretty much from the beginning days of my homeschooling journey.  Heck- I don’t think there are many homeschooling families who haven’t … Continue reading

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Classical Coloring

My girls love to color; my girls also love classical music.  So I decided to combine the two things to create a special Friday treat called Classical Coloring.  I allotted 15 minutes on each Friday but will let them really … Continue reading

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CarSchooling – Learning on the Road

Carschooling is an integral part of my family’s homeschooling adventure.  My girls and I are frequently in the car.  We do a lot of interstate driving and luckily for me (and my sanity) all my girls are great passengers.  I attribute their … Continue reading

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Beethoven’s Wig is {a} Big {Hit}

Two weeks ago, Howard and I took our girls to the circus and – not once, not twice, but on three separate occasions during different acts the music blaring over the loudspeakers was jazzed up renditions of classical pieces.  The first was … Continue reading

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