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Merry Christmas -2013-

  From my family to yours- Wishing you a very, Merry Christmas today! And allow me to introduce you to the newest member of our family- Luna!   Santa entrusted her to us this magical Christmas day and my girls … Continue reading

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The Unintended Christmas Break

How is your holiday school schedule looking this year?  Are you being as productive as you would like?  Or do you purposely take off the month of December?   Or are you like me and seemed to have stumbled into … Continue reading

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♪ ♫ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas ♪ ♫

. . . well, not quite.  Today’s forecast – 82° degrees.  The Christmas season looks decidedly different in Florida compared to our neighbors to the north. While decorating our Christmas tree, I had to lower the a/c in our house.  There’s … Continue reading

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. . .that is, of course, unless the horse is the famous “Baby Butterscotch”

Okay friends- it’s time for me to come clean.  You may remember this post I wrote shortly before Christmas about Mira’s current passion for horses. . .  You know- the one where I firmly planted my feet and said we would … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – January 9, 2013

Mira secretly worked with Nanny to learn how to make this for me.  She was so proud to have me unwrap it on Christmas morning.  Then again- so was I!

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We Wish You A Merry Christmas

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A Horse is a Horse, of Course, of Course . . .

. . . unless you’re 6 years old and have your heart set on this ridiculously overpriced Fur Real Pet Pony.  Yes, my oldest daughter has been harping over this thing ever since we stumbled upon it in a store … Continue reading

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Countdown to Christmas

Every Christmas I tell myself I’m going to buy a whole bunch of holiday-themed picture books after Christmas (to take advantage of sales and discounts) and build up a collection of 24-30 seasonal books.  I figure I could immediately store them unseen … Continue reading

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…and the stockings were hung.

Growing up, my siblings and I were lucky enough to have personalized knit stockings that a family friend made for us.  Those stockings stand out in my mind as the symbol for the excitement of our family Christmases.  What better … Continue reading

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Holiday Happenings

Whew- when the holidays come they really come, huh?!  I feel like our schedule has been a bit off track since Thanksgiving and now with Christmas right around the corner- well- I suppose this is yet another reason I’m glad … Continue reading

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