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Periodic Table Resources for Children

Does this ever happen to you?  Something unplanned and possibly off-topic finds a way of landing in your child’s radar and completely captures their attention and somehow resource materials barrage you at the same time to reinforce the unschooled approach? … Continue reading

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Nuclear Fusion Bubble Party

I posted previously about the books we made based off of Karen Fox’s Older Than The Stars, and I wanted to follow up and say how great this book has been in gently introducing complex scientific concepts.   We’ve spent … Continue reading

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Superb Sublimation

With a fortuitous stroke of timing we were able to demonstrate sublimation to the girls and expand on our states of matter lesson from last week.  We got a bunch of dry ice in a recent package so we took advantage … Continue reading

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States of Matter

Continuing on with our science lessons we jumped back to BFSU and learned about the three main states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.  (Mira and I later read a book that introduced plasma as the fourth state, but aside … Continue reading

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