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Ending Your Day With a Picture Book

We start off our day with picture books…. I don’t know why it’s taken me until now to realize we should end our days with them too. Every morning during circle time I read a handful of picture books to … Continue reading

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Potty Party Book Recommendations

The other day I picked up Lyra for a cuddle and for a {very} fleeting moment I had a nostalgic sensation that tricked me into thinking I miss picking up a baby with a padded, squishy, diapered butt. Like I said, … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – Circle C Beginnings – early readers

Yesterday I shared with you my girls’ growing interest in the country lifestyle and all things equine. Before Christmas I had scoured homeschooling forums and websites trying to find fun yet educational gifts to help foster this passion.  You can … Continue reading

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Gone Votin’

. . .  and GOOD RIDDANCE! Seriously.  I can not wait for this election cycle to be over.  I am so extremely fatigued with it all: the incessant commercials, the stream of fliers jamming up my mailbox, the annoyingly-timed phone calls, intrusive knocks … Continue reading

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How To Get To Narnia

Can you believe that up until last month I had never read a single C.S. Lewis book?  Seriously.  In all my childhood reading- my devouring and unquenchable thirst for books- I never became acquainted with the Chronicles of Narnia. I had heard … Continue reading

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Tum Tum and Nutmeg

“Hidden in the broom cupboard of Rose Cottage are two grand gates that lead to the loveliest little house you’ve ever seen. Nutmouse Hall.   Shh, don’t tell anyone, this is the home of Tumtum and Nutmeg…” Every so often we … Continue reading

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Read-Alouds Worth Reading Aloud

Yes, I know reading aloud is worthwhile in it’s own right. But some books just hit the ball out of the park. There is something intoxicating about reading a well-loved book from your own childhood aloud to your children. It allows you … Continue reading

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When Pigs Fly

I’m all for including my kids’ passions and interests into their education.   You may remember me telling you about Stella’s latest fixation on pigs.  Pink pigs that is.  They rank *almost* as high for her as princesses.  Pink princesses, … Continue reading

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The Hobbit

Since the birth of our first child, Howard has been eagerly awaiting the day he could introduce his children to the world of Tolkien.  After 5 years he decided he had waited long enough. Earlier this month Howard started reading “The Hobbit” to … Continue reading

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12 Ways to Get to 11

We’re eclectic over here so even though our curriculum approach is classical we do pull from other resources and philosophies when something strikes our fancy.  Living books are one of those things that really strikes my fancy.  Who hasn’t learned more from someone truly … Continue reading

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