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Homeschool Tip: Spiral-Bind Your Workbooks

For those of you that have been homeschooling for any length of time this post will probably be a no-brainer.  However, for those of us newbs who are just embarking on our home education journey, you may find this helpful. Did … Continue reading

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Personalized Sticker Books – add some Oomph to your rewards

Over a year ago I posted about our hand-bound sticker books that I use to reward my girls for good work.  I don’t want to get in the habit of giving rewards; I’d love for my girls to do their … Continue reading

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Princess Stella Turns 3

…and a royal celebration was held! What Royal Ball would be complete without a fancy Princess dress? Since Stella’s birthday fell so close to Halloween and she wanted to be a princess anyway, we splurged on a dress that she … Continue reading

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An Out of this World Book

Continuing on with our prehistory lessons, we recently took some time reading Older Than the Stars by Karen C. Fox. Due to the author’s use of repetition my girls were able to recite large chunks of it from memory.  Their spontaneous and enthusiastic chiming in … Continue reading

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Searching for that “Perfect” Timeline

I’m a member of quite a few homeschooling message boards and forums and one thing that keeps coming up-at least for those attempting a classical approach- are timelines.  I won’t be starting World History with my girls for at least … Continue reading

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Sticker Books

I’m not big into rewarding kids excessively- especially for things they should be doing regularly anyway.  So with school work I have tried to balance this belief by setting appropriate expectations but also encouraging those truly stellar attempts and wholehearted … Continue reading

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Expanding Our Personal Library

Mira and I bound another book together this week.  While Daddy was away on a business trip (which coincided with his birthday) Mira asked if we could surprise him with a space book. Sadly I was out of the sturdy … Continue reading

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Creating Happy, Hungry Bookworms One Book at a Time

A friend of mine turned me on to binding my own books.  Since her introduction I have become addicted to turning lessons, collections of favorite drawings, and anything else I can bind into hand-bound books.  I know that the books I make … Continue reading

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