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My Cowgirl

“Oh my darlin’ cowgirl,  keep your head up and your heart strong.”

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And the Stars Look Upon Her

♪ ♫  And her soul walks beside her An army stands behind her Lyra, Lyra And her face full of grace ♪ ♫

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Stella By Starlight

♪ ♫  That great symphonic theme, That’s Stella by starlight, And not a dream, My heart and I agree, She’s everything on this earth to me.  ♫ ♪

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Wordless Wednesday – October 31, 2012

Here’s the follow-up photos to my post about finally accepting the princess culture.  We went and did the whole princess package at Disney World and Stella was never happier. First she spent awhile chatting with Aurora. Aurora is hands-down her … Continue reading

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Celebrating Stella

Stella celebrated her 4th birthday over the weekend.  It was pretty low-key: a barbecue with my folks followed by cake and presents.  Some of you may recall that for Mira’s 6th birthday she chose a scuba adventure over a traditional themed … Continue reading

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Family Adventuring

Eek! Monday already!?!?!  Anyone else’s weekend just whiz by in a blur?  I really can’t complain though; our family had an adventuresome two days that left many a smile on many a face. I mentioned recently that the girls are getting more interested in … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Coffee Table Book, and the start of a new hobby

Mira celebrated her 6th birthday last weekend and some of her gifts were inspired by her latest interest- birds. Now I should mention that I have no issue with birds but they never really captured my attention before.  At least … Continue reading

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