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The Homeschooler’s Guide to the Galaxy

Space.  The final frontier.  Are you getting ready to tackle astronomy and study space in your homeschool? Don’t Panic! I bring you the Ultimate Guide To Studying Space!  I’ve compiled some of the most commonly referenced and recommended astronomy resources from … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – “La Bella Stella” by Recess Music

Not only am I a homeschooling mom but my family also harbors a deep passion for astronomy and we take every opportunity to expose our girls to the wonders and beauty of our universe.  So when I saw the cover … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – April 10, 2013

A week ago we visited the museum where Howard’s sun exhibit is displayed.   I grabbed some pictures (although the girls ignored my pleas to stand together for one shot- I swear sometimes I feel like I’m trying to herd … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – Moonfinder by Jay Ryan (with fun add-on Oreo Cookie Moon Phase Project!)

You’ve probably deduced by now that we’re pretty big on science and astronomy here.  My husband and I love taking big concepts and making them attainable for our girls.  {Check out our nuclear fusion bubble party here.} That’s why I … Continue reading

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Firmament in Motion

I haven’t been totally unproductive around here even though my lack of blog posts may make you think otherwise.  I planned on starting our official homeschool year up this past Monday but then Lyra got sick.  And then Stella.  And … Continue reading

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History of Robotic Mars Missions

Source SPACE.com: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

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Curiosity About Mars

The only sport I was even remotely good at was basketball. I wasn’t good enough to play in high school, but I played on street hoops and driveway courts with friends in the neighborhood or out on the courts at … Continue reading

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Conjunction Junction (what’s your function?)

Whenever I hear the word conjunction, I cannot ignore the schoolhouse rock jingle that is forever burned into my psyche. Without meaning to ignore the grammatical value of conjunctions, the astronomical variety of conjunctions are vastly more exciting. An added … Continue reading

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Sol Seeker

Hi everyone. Howard again. Last week I mentioned the Venus transit coming up on June 5th, 2012. The last one in our lifetimes. Anyway (before I start waxing poetic on the Solar System again) I mentioned two methods to observe; … Continue reading

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A Once (or Twice) in a Lifetime Syzygy

Hello. My name is Howard. Kristen is my other half. It was nearly seven years ago Kristen suggested we see a planetarium show. We saw Passport to the Universe narrated by Tom Hanks at the Bishop Planetarium. Things started to … Continue reading

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