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GIVEAWAY – All About Learning Press $50 Gift Certificate

In my house spelling and grammar are important subjects.  We’re not of the mindset that ‘everything you need to know about spelling you can find on spellcheck.’ I don’t want my children relying on a computer’s auto-correct any more than I want … Continue reading

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Balancing All About Spelling and All About Reading With Multiple Children

My recent posts about my current “homeschooling-rut” have been therapeutic for me to write.  I’m still searching for a better math fit and I’m steadily working my way out of my current sense of homeschool-ennui.  In writing these posts I realized … Continue reading

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Spelling Power!

As you can see from Mira’s cheesy, infectious grin- she was pretty darn excited to complete level 3 of All About Spelling.  I’ve blogged a bit about our progress with AAS and you can see those posts here.  If you haven’t heard … Continue reading

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A Day’s Lesson With All About Spelling

Since my last post on All About Spelling I’ve had a few emails asking how I implement an actual AAS lesson.  One reader even said that “all those tiles made the program look a bit intimidating”. So last week I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Explode the Code”

We’ve been using Explode the Code for a year now so I wanted to write some thoughts on our experience with it. I started Mira on Explode the Code 1 when she was 4 years old.  I contemplated purchasing Get … Continue reading

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