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All About Spelling and All About Reading Resources

Stella completed the second volume reader in her All About Reading Level 1 program.  Her excitement exploded when she realized the very last story in this book was about her favorite type of animal- a pig!  (I can still recall … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY – All About Learning Press $50 Gift Certificate

In my house spelling and grammar are important subjects.  We’re not of the mindset that ‘everything you need to know about spelling you can find on spellcheck.’ I don’t want my children relying on a computer’s auto-correct any more than I want … Continue reading

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Balancing All About Spelling and All About Reading With Multiple Children

My recent posts about my current “homeschooling-rut” have been therapeutic for me to write.  I’m still searching for a better math fit and I’m steadily working my way out of my current sense of homeschool-ennui.  In writing these posts I realized … Continue reading

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In reflecting on our past homeschooling year one of the highlights that immediately springs to mind is our All About Learning Press materials.  We’re currently working through two of their programs.  My oldest daughter Mira has been working through All … Continue reading

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Just Some Old-Fashioned Homeschooling

Whew- a whole week and no posts!  I apologize for the lapse in regular posting but I’ve been in the thick of it with homeschooling.  It’s odd really, we aren’t doing anything additional or out of the ordinary and yet … Continue reading

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The Simple Joy of a Curriculum That Fits

I love curriculum.  Yes, LOVE it.  I wake up on the morning of a used-curriculum sale or homeschooling convention much like a child on Christmas day.  My mind is abuzz with the limitless possibilities and resources at my disposal and filled with a delicious curiosity for … Continue reading

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Stellar Stella Seizes the Day

I was hoping to get up early this morning to work on a post that’s been sitting in draft form for awhile.  I wanted to publish it before the kids got up, but at the last minute decided to sleep in … Continue reading

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The Blurry Line Between Teacher and Student

Homeschooling forces you to work on patience.  You have to find that balance in educating your child while keeping “schoolwork” engaging and something they want to do.  Sure, I could force them to follow a certain schedule or complete an … Continue reading

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All About Reading- PreReading Program

Last week was an exciting week for Stella.  She began her very-own reading program: All About Reading! I taught my oldest daughter, Mira, to read using a rather piece-meal approach; it wasn’t structured but it worked.  Mira, now at age 5, is a phenomenal reader … Continue reading

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Want A Chance to Win $50???

Of course you do!  Who wouldn’t? Especially when this $50 is a gift certificate to use on any All About Learning product. I just read about this giveaway and wanted to pass it along to you. Check out their Giveaway instructions here and … Continue reading

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