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Booking Across the USA and Create Your Own Search and Find State Map

I’m happy to be participating in this year’s Booking Across the USA project hosted by Jody from Growing Book by Book.  Last year’s event was a huge success and showcased many amazing picture books based on the individual states of the … Continue reading

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Homeschool Show and Tell Link-Up #1

Welcome to the first week of Homeschool Show and Tell.  Here you can share the fabulous finds and fun resources that you utilize in your homeschool.  Sure, you can share curriculum if something is truly rocking your world, but I’m … Continue reading

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Why We Switched to Math•U•See

Back in January I posted a painfully honest post about how math was just NOT working out for us.  The stress, agitation, and anxiety I was feeling must have connected with some of you because that post garnered tons of comments … Continue reading

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I Love Latin and You Can Too! – Teaching Latin to Elementary Students with Song School Latin

Latin with young children?  Why- elementary, my dear Watson.  At least it can be- with Song School Latin! When I started our homeschool journey and contemplated the idea of foreign languages I felt rather unmotivated until a chance encounter with … Continue reading

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Periodic Table Resources for Children

Does this ever happen to you?  Something unplanned and possibly off-topic finds a way of landing in your child’s radar and completely captures their attention and somehow resource materials barrage you at the same time to reinforce the unschooled approach? … Continue reading

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Ending Your Day With a Picture Book

We start off our day with picture books…. I don’t know why it’s taken me until now to realize we should end our days with them too. Every morning during circle time I read a handful of picture books to … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – “In A Heartbeat” by Laura Doherty

My girls like music;  I like music. I find our radio almost as much as a diversion for my girls as the television and one I don’t need to monitor as much.  If a guest were to pop into our … Continue reading

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Balancing All About Spelling and All About Reading With Multiple Children

My recent posts about my current “homeschooling-rut” have been therapeutic for me to write.  I’m still searching for a better math fit and I’m steadily working my way out of my current sense of homeschool-ennui.  In writing these posts I realized … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – Safari Ltd. Figures and Toobs

My girls have a lot of toys.  Let me repeat that- a lot. of. toys. Without fail though, there’s one group of toys so large and all encompassing that they get played with all the time.  Other toys come and … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – Lottie Dolls

Have you started your holiday shopping?  Already done?  In either case I have something to share with you for your daughters that really warrants a spot under your Christmas tree this year. I was excited to be given the opportunity … Continue reading

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