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All the World’s a Stage . . .

Blogging has taken a definite back seat to life recently.  I realized that in trying to maintain my blog by publishing a few posts a week I was spreading myself too thin.  I’m honestly not sure what the future holds for my … Continue reading

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Booking Across the USA and Create Your Own Search and Find State Map

I’m happy to be participating in this year’s Booking Across the USA project hosted by Jody from Growing Book by Book.  Last year’s event was a huge success and showcased many amazing picture books based on the individual states of the … Continue reading

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The Homeschooler’s Guide to the Galaxy

Space.  The final frontier.  Are you getting ready to tackle astronomy and study space in your homeschool? Don’t Panic! I bring you the Ultimate Guide To Studying Space!  I’ve compiled some of the most commonly referenced and recommended astronomy resources from … Continue reading

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Homeschool Show and Tell Link-Up #1

Welcome to the first week of Homeschool Show and Tell.  Here you can share the fabulous finds and fun resources that you utilize in your homeschool.  Sure, you can share curriculum if something is truly rocking your world, but I’m … Continue reading

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I Love Latin and You Can Too! – Teaching Latin to Elementary Students with Song School Latin

Latin with young children?  Why- elementary, my dear Watson.  At least it can be- with Song School Latin! When I started our homeschool journey and contemplated the idea of foreign languages I felt rather unmotivated until a chance encounter with … Continue reading

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Zeezok Music Appreciation Curriculum

Sometimes I’ll catch myself becoming deeply aware of a single moment.  It can be a look, a phrase, or just a particular event that sucks me into a sort of slow motion reverie where I just know a lifelong memory is … Continue reading

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Periodic Table Resources for Children

Does this ever happen to you?  Something unplanned and possibly off-topic finds a way of landing in your child’s radar and completely captures their attention and somehow resource materials barrage you at the same time to reinforce the unschooled approach? … Continue reading

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REVIEW – GoldieBlox, Building Games for Girls

If you’re one to spend any time on social media sites, you’ve probably already been introduced to GoldieBlox through their video-gone-viral featuring young girls using GoldieBlox toys and an assortment of household objects to create a Rube Goldberg machine. I … Continue reading

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Reviewing Classical Conversations Memory Work and GIVEAWAY

Okay my Classical Conversations friends-  I’ve got a great review and giveaway for you today. Our holiday break will be the perfect time to get started with it! If you’re like me and this is your first year within the CC … Continue reading

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Clothesline Timeline – Showcasing the Span of History

Call me a nerd but History makes me happy and things like historical texts and documents send chills down my spine; so it should come as no surprise that I adore timelines. There’s something so centering and empowering about seeing … Continue reading

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