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Host a “Curriculum Chat” in Your Homeschool Community

Picture this— long rows of tables filled with curriculum and resources beautifully arranged. However, unlike conventions, used-curriculum sales, and conferences you are NOT running around like a foreigner in a Moroccan bazaar overcome by an intoxicating drug-like frenzy frantically purchasing … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY – All About Learning Press $50 Gift Certificate

In my house spelling and grammar are important subjects.  We’re not of the mindset that ‘everything you need to know about spelling you can find on spellcheck.’ I don’t want my children relying on a computer’s auto-correct any more than I want … Continue reading

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Balancing All About Spelling and All About Reading With Multiple Children

My recent posts about my current “homeschooling-rut” have been therapeutic for me to write.  I’m still searching for a better math fit and I’m steadily working my way out of my current sense of homeschool-ennui.  In writing these posts I realized … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Revelation in the New Year

We started school last week after our impromptu holiday break.  Having all those days of leisure to compare to our scheduled homeschool routine helped bring some much needed perspective to our lives.  We function so much more effectively and happily … Continue reading

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The “Not” Back To School Blog Hop

The iHomeschoolNetwork is hosting a blog link-up this month in honor of the new school year.  This link-up allows you a glimpse into the inner workings of a MASSIVE assortment of homeschooling families as everyone begins sharpening pencils and beginning their … Continue reading

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***I wrote this review as part of my Homeschool Year in Review series where you can read more of my end-of-year recaps on some of the curricula and resources we’ve utilized.*** One of the biggest surprise hits for us this past homeschool … Continue reading

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Beware of the BLOB ! ! ! – A Video Guide to Getting Started With Geography Blobs

I’ve never actually seen this classic horror movie but I can’t hear the word BLOB and not hear the cliched “damsel in distress” B-movie scream. Classical homeschoolers though, have a whole different notion of the term blob – or more accurately … Continue reading

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In reflecting on our past homeschooling year one of the highlights that immediately springs to mind is our All About Learning Press materials.  We’re currently working through two of their programs.  My oldest daughter Mira has been working through All … Continue reading

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HOMESCHOOL YEAR IN REVIEW – Explode the Code Primers and Workbooks

As part of my Homeschool Year In Review series I wanted to recap our experiences with the Explode the Code primers and workbooks thus far. Explode The Code provides a sequential, systematic approach to phonics in which students blend sounds to … Continue reading

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My Homeschool Year in Review

How is it that it’s already time to get prepared for the next school year?  Didn’t I just do all of this prepping and planning?!? It feels like only yesterday that we had our first day of school, where the … Continue reading

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