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Coming Soon . . .

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♪ ♫ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas ♪ ♫

. . . well, not quite.  Today’s forecast – 82° degrees.  The Christmas season looks decidedly different in Florida compared to our neighbors to the north. While decorating our Christmas tree, I had to lower the a/c in our house.  There’s … Continue reading

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Custom-Made Triple Bunk Beds

In our old house we had a nice bunk bed for Mira and Stella, and Lyra had a single bed on the opposite wall.  In the new house we had dreams of a triple bunk bed that they could all … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – July 3, 2013

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Wordless Wednesday – June 19, 2013

(am I ever really wordless?) I’m in love with my new home.  I’m in love with the house; I’m in love with the land; and I’m in love with the great expanse of sky readily available for us to unobstructedly view. … Continue reading

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Before and After Tropical Storm Andrea

Would you believe that I have been so wrapped up in this move and renovations that I didn’t know a tropical storm was barreling towards us last week.  Thursday I decided to drive out to the old house to pick … Continue reading

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Making A House Our Home

It’s been so long since I’ve written last that I really don’t know where to begin.  In the past few weeks I’ve composed numerous posts in my head that, sadly, never made their way to actually being typed out.  They … Continue reading

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Bites, Bears, and Buzzards. Oh My.

Adjusting to country life is- well. . .  an adjustment.  Even taking aside the normal pangs of moving and the head ache involved in home renovations, it’s still a big change.  We’ve had possession of our new home for just … Continue reading

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Surviving Homeschooling During a Move

Since signing for our new home and beginning renovations schooling for us has been hit or miss.  More miss.  I’m constantly dragging the girls from our old house to the new and back again.  Instead of our time-tested school days we … Continue reading

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We’ve Gone Country

Well- WE DID IT.  After years of dreaming, and months of searching, we’ve gone country. This, my friends, is the view from the street of my new home. It’s a brave new world for us.  One filled with dirt roads and permanently dusty … Continue reading

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