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Shortly after the birth of my first daughter I dabbled in the blogosphere and kept a small blog where I attempted to capture some of the experiences of being a new mom.  I enjoyed having the creative outlet but eventually … Continue reading

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A Flare of Stellar Stuff

While clearing out images on my cell phone I came across a picture of Howard’s most recent exhibit currently on display at our local museum.  I thought it would be fitting to post today seeing that the Sun has been … Continue reading

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So You’re Ready to Buy….

Homeschooling is varied and homeschoolers themselves range from the exceptionally frugal to the exceedingly extravagant when it comes to stocking their household teaching supplies.  If you’re like me you prefer free but admit that there are those purchases you need and some you just flat-out want.  (And if … Continue reading

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Guilty Reading Pleasure

“Okay girls!  You got just a few more minutes and then we’ll start school work.”  I yelled from the kitchen in the direction of the girls’ playroom.  I didn’t hear a response so I peeked in on them so I … Continue reading

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Under Construction

I’m expanding my little home here on the information superhighway. Have you noticed the recent changes on my website?  They’re previews of some of the fun things I have planned for Teaching Stars.  I’m busy working “behind the scenes” on … Continue reading

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An Unabashed Plea

A few months ago I was nominated for the Circle Of Mom’s Top 25 home educating blogs, and aside from the benefit of reaching out to new readers, through the nomination process I was able to network with amazing homeschooling families … Continue reading

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Learning Together… Adding “Layers” on your lessons to incorporate varying ages

The more practice I get homeschooling my three daughters, the better I get about coming up with ways to include varying learning-levels at one time while still keeping everyone’s attention.  For example, there’s an alphabet match-up game I do with … Continue reading

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All About Reading- PreReading Program

Last week was an exciting week for Stella.  She began her very-own reading program: All About Reading! I taught my oldest daughter, Mira, to read using a rather piece-meal approach; it wasn’t structured but it worked.  Mira, now at age 5, is a phenomenal reader … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday- February 22, 2010

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Read-Alouds Worth Reading Aloud

Yes, I know reading aloud is worthwhile in it’s own right. But some books just hit the ball out of the park. There is something intoxicating about reading a well-loved book from your own childhood aloud to your children. It allows you … Continue reading

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