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Charles Ingalls Meme

We’ve been sick here and passing this plague back and forth for weeks. We haven’t accomplished a lick of school in that time.  We have however introduced the girls to the Little House on the Prairie TV series.  We’ve been gorging … Continue reading

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First Day of {Home}School 2015-2016

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for full details. These action figures are made by Accoutrements and you can find a selection available on Amazon. I realize my posts have been pretty non-existent for awhile; but I wanted … Continue reading

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Famous Homeschoolers and Self-Educators

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And Then There Were 4

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Coming Soon . . .

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My Cowgirl

“Oh my darlin’ cowgirl,  keep your head up and your heart strong.”

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All the World’s a Stage . . .

Blogging has taken a definite back seat to life recently.  I realized that in trying to maintain my blog by publishing a few posts a week I was spreading myself too thin.  I’m honestly not sure what the future holds for my … Continue reading

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And the Stars Look Upon Her

♪ ♫  And her soul walks beside her An army stands behind her Lyra, Lyra And her face full of grace ♪ ♫

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Booking Across the USA and Create Your Own Search and Find State Map

I’m happy to be participating in this year’s Booking Across the USA project hosted by Jody from Growing Book by Book.  Last year’s event was a huge success and showcased many amazing picture books based on the individual states of the … Continue reading

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The Homeschooler’s Guide to the Galaxy

Space.  The final frontier.  Are you getting ready to tackle astronomy and study space in your homeschool? Don’t Panic! I bring you the Ultimate Guide To Studying Space!  I’ve compiled some of the most commonly referenced and recommended astronomy resources from … Continue reading

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