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Taking our Thinking Outside of the Classroom and Into the World.  

My name is Kristen and I am a happy homeschooling mother of three.

There was a time, not so long ago, that I had this preconceived notion that homeschooling families were- well, to put it bluntly, weird. Unsocialized.  Even primitive, perhaps?  Where and when I acquired this misconception I couldn’t say, but there it was.

So, when I found myself scouring the local educational landscape for my oldest daughter’s future options, I purposely kept pushing aside information on homeschooling.  No, not for me, I assumed.  I delved into the more mainstream options of public, private and charter schools.  I attended open houses and poured over budget reports. I signed up for parent’s monthly newsletters to the schools that piqued further interest.  I sat in on classes and studied the teachers, the interaction of the students, I even made note of the posters hanging on the walls.  My options whittled down rapidly and I found myself downhearted.

Insert a chance meeting with two homeschooling families; families most social and not at all backwater.  The children were not the weird wall-flowers I had envisioned.  They were creative and independent and refreshingly outside-the-box.  The families, close and tight-knit, but not overbearing or secluded.  I spent more time with them, learned from them, watched them, and was the grateful recipient of a wide assortment of teaching books and materials and countless phone calls of advice and support. I networked and met many more homeschooling families and joined local groups and co-ops.  I never imagined the homeschooling community being so large and blissfully diverse.  I am constantly awed by the amount of support and the limitless teaching opportunities available to the truly dedicated parent.  And now, after my initial hesitation, I am so very, very grateful that my family will be embarking on this road together.


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4 Responses to About Us

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  3. Narciso Rosario says:

    Thanks for your blog. I thought you would find this inspiring too: http://foxnewsinsider.com/2013/05/24/harding-family-sends-6-kids-college-age-12

  4. lisa wexler says:

    my website isnt finished just to let you know i am so busy…. I also have three kids and my only knowledge f homeschooling was the duggars with the bibles and very strict beliefs.. We are jewish and it wasnt until we had our first son and my hubby and saw how happy he was did we want to keep that and think about homeschooling i have also met someone who has guided me and with her help my son starts vpk this yr and i will be homeschooling part time he is also going to vpk but come kind my girls will be threee (twins) and they will sit longer so i will start vpk curriculum early for them and start my bubbas on kindegarten homescholing you and are alike it wasnt until i met my first homeschooling family did i change those notions please email me or we are strting a webpgae teachathomemoms.com soon (when i have time LOL) and look us up meanwhile ill bookmark u

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