First Day of {Home}School 2015-2016

First Day of School 2015-2016

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for full details. These action figures are made by Accoutrements and you can find a selection available on Amazon.

I realize my posts have been pretty non-existent for awhile; but I wanted to update you to say that- Yes, we are still homeschooling, and Yes, this year all three girls are officially school-aged.  Mira is entering 4th grade, Stella 1st, and Lyra is beginning her official journey with Kindergarten.

Baby Tycho is 4 months old and therefore he’ll just be tagging along for the ride.

We began our school day today with our latest tradition of “A Book and a History Figure”.  I started this last year with the purchase of the action figures of Alexander the Great, Jane Austen, and Annie Oakley.  My girls love their figures and I tie them to a corresponding picture book in order to make it as educational as possible.  My girls love reading and learning about “their” history figure and incorporate so much of what they read together into the ways they play.

This year they were surprised with Albert Einstein, Beethoven, and Shakespeare.

Today’s funniest moment goes to Lyra for repeatedly asking her sisters, “What?  What? Whhhhhhat?” and then saying “You have to talk louder.  Beethoven is going deaf!”

Curriculum, resources, extra-curriculars, and co-op information will be shared with you (hopefully) soon.  Right now I have a crying baby boy to attend to.

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