The Homeschooler’s Guide to the Galaxy

Space.  The final frontier.  Are you getting ready to tackle astronomy and study space in your homeschool?

Don’t Panic!

I bring you the Ultimate Guide To Studying Space!  I’ve compiled some of the most commonly referenced and recommended astronomy resources from a variety of homeschool circles.  I hope this list of resources and links helps inspire your imagination and ignite your journey into the cosmos.

**Please note-although I have tried to include as many resources as possible, my own knowledge of materials stem from a secular perspective.  However, in the course of our homeschooling journey I have personally found that I’m able to utilize many Christian resources by tweaking them to work for my family.  It is my belief that some of the secular resources in this list can be utilized by those with a biblical perspective by catering it to their needs as well.  As with all resources, preview it before sharing with your children.

In trying to compile a listing of both secular and biblical perspectives I have reached out to Christian friends to ask for their personal recommendations.  I would like to thank Jay Ryan from Classical AstronomyDr. Wile from Science in the Beginning, and John Wilkerson from The Wired Homeschool for taking the time to share with me some of their favorites. 

**If you have suggestions for a curriculum that you feel should be included in this list, please leave a comment.  

When applicable I will note whether the listed resource is secular or from a Christian perspective. However, those hoping to know which resources are from a Young Earth viewpoint will need to do further research into the individual Christian resources for clarification.

Homeschool Astronomy Curriculum

 Astronomy Reference Books for use with younger students

Astronomy Related Picture Books

Astronomical Reference Books for older students/adults

Astronomy Documentaries

 Astronomy-Related Websites

Online Astronomy Courses

Planetarium Software for real-time 3D visualization of Space

Telescope and Binocular Sellers

Dark-Sky Observing Site Directories

Astronomy Apps

You Tube Channels

Astronomy Related Music

*Please keep in mind this guide in no way way reflects EVERY resource that’s out there.  Feel free to email me or leave a note in the comments if you have a favorite you’d like to see added. 

The universe is immense and so are subjects that the ladies over at the iHomeschoolNetwork have compiled into Ultimate Guides.  Be sure to check out the {almost}infinite assortment of topics available for this year’s iHN Ultimate Guide collection.


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3 Responses to The Homeschooler’s Guide to the Galaxy

  1. Pam says:

    I just KNEW this was going to be fabulous! What a resource. Thank you so much!!

  2. Jody says:

    I knew you’d be my go to source for astronomy – thank you so much for this list!!

  3. John says:

    Looks like you’ve got a great list there, Kristen. Glad to have been able to help.

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