I Love Latin and You Can Too! – Teaching Latin to Elementary Students with Song School Latin

Latin with young children?  Why- elementary, my dear Watson.  At least it can be- with Song School Latin!

When I started our homeschool journey and contemplated the idea of foreign languages I felt rather unmotivated until a chance encounter with Classical Academic Press – the makers of Song School Latin (SSL)- piqued my interest.

Maybe it was the exoticness of Latin or the fact that I already had humdrum personal experiences with French and Spanish from my own school days.  Whatever the reason I grabbed Song School Latin 1 a few years ago and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

We’ve been using Song School Latin since 2011.  I loved their first book so much that I waited (rather impatiently, I might add) for SSL2 to be released and stretched my daughter’s lessons from SSL1 to try and fill in our time until 2 came out.

It was so worth the wait.

Honestly I love Song School Latin 2 even more than Song School Latin 1; and I already LOVED Song School Latin 1.  My preference probably stems in part from the fact that 2 slowly introduces more grammar concepts and begins conjugation work versus the more vocab-centered SSL1.

What I Love About Song School Latin

  • Song-based – The SSL CD is filled with kid-friendly songs with your choice of Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation.  What kid doesn’t like to sing?  Why not sing in Latin and learn a thing or two?
  • Ease of Use – Nothing makes me happier than having a solid resource that’s not only fun but easy to implement.  SSL requires minimal prep time.  Just open and go!
  • Extras Not Needed but Recommended- It’s possible to give your young child a solid introduction to Latin using nothing but the Song School Latin Student Workbook. The lively CD is included and the workbook itself is gentle enough that parents with no Latin background can still easily teach their students.  If frugality is steering you right now, stick to the basics.  However, if you have a little extra to splurge on you can easily give your child a fuller immersion by adding on SSL’s bells and whistles: DVD, Monkey Match Card Game, and Teacher’s Manual which includes additional activities and worksheets that work great for delving deeper or using as review.
  • Make Connections – With their Grow Your English and Famous Saying sections, SSL makes it easy to connect the dots in your child’s education by giving
    relevant tidbits and facts that you can use to reinforce your other subjects.  We started a classical co-op, Classical Conversations, this year and SSL has helped my daughter immensely with the Latin memory work the co-op throws at us every week.  Song School Latin 2 introduces Latin conjugations and it was amazing to watch my daughter’s face light up as she realized she already knew the conjugations and was able to ‘see’ with SSL what’s happening to a verb when you conjugate it.

 How To Implement Song School Latin with Young Children

  • SSL is gentle introduction to Latin grammar geared to early elementary.  However, it can be made even more gentle by starting off using just the CD and holding off on the workbook.  You can read about how I did this with my pre-k children here.
  • Be sure to utilize Classical Academic Press’ supplemental website Headventureland.com where you’ll find free coloring pages, games, and videos.
  • Grab your SSL CDs the next time you get in your car.  Our SSL songs are a staple of our car rides and a fabulous resource for carschooling.

See?  Latin, my dear reader, can be elementary after all.  Be sure to check out Classical Academic Press to see the wide assortment of resources they offer for multiple languages and subjects.

Play With Your Latin With These Fun Supplements

Now that you know about all the fun your children could be having with Song School Latin, how about a chance to win your very own full program!!!  Thanks to the very generous folks over at Classical Academic Press one lucky reader will win their own complete package set of Song School Latin 1 OR School School Latin 2!  Winner’s choice!

*  * *And that’s not all!  Classical Academic Press is offering my readers 20% off everything in their store.  Use the code TS20 to receive 20% off your entire order. It is good on all products, except online classes and Singapore Math, and expires April 5th, 2014.  Classical Academic Press offers resources in numerous subjects: Latin, Spanish, Greek, Logic, Writing and Rhetoric, Bible, Poetry, Reasoning and Reading, Art and Drawing!

Me?  I’ve had my eye on these “Dare to be Wise” shirts for awhile.

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