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Sometimes I’ll catch myself becoming deeply aware of a single moment.  It can be a look, a phrase, or just a particular event that sucks me into a sort of slow motion reverie where I just know a lifelong memory is being made.  So it was the first time I took my 6 year old daughter Mira to the symphony.  Although my recollection for most of that night is vague, I can vividly conjure up Mira’s face after she heard– NO!- felt the climatic 4th movement of Beethoven’s 9th performed for the first time.  I told her to close her eyes and try to experience the music with her other senses.  After a few moments, her eyes popped open, her mouth formed a perfect little ‘o’ and she breathlessly explained “Oh! It’s like riding a roller coaster!”  And BAM! The moment seared itself into my brain; and just like that I KNEW music would play an integral part of our homeschool.

. . . Which is why I’m so excited to have found Zeezok!

I’ve always enjoyed classical music and have already been including it in our life in one form or another.  I follow these simple tips for fostering a love of classical music.  However, having no background in music myself, I wasn’t really sure how to teach music aside from instrument lessons.  And I knew I wanted more.

Thankfully, Zeezok’s Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades Book 1 is giving me much more. It’s a comprehensive music appreciation curriculum geared for elementary students but easily adaptable for older children as well.  Book 1 covers 7 composers: Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini and Schubert.

What’s Included in Zeezok’s Music Appreciation Collection:

  • Student Activity Book
  • Opal Wheeler Biographies on the composers
  • 5Disc Music CD set 
  • Lapbook CDrom

Zeezok’s Music Appreciation collection is centered around the beautiful biographies of Opal Wheeler.

“Each composer’s childhood and adult life are vividly described in individual biographies. Every important incident is mentioned and every detail of the stories is true. . . It is more than the human side of these books that will make them live, for in the music the great masters breathe.” Zeezok.com

Along with the endearing biographies you’ll receive a Lapbook CD that comes complete with all the bells and whistles you’ll need to create your own colorful and educational lapbooks.  I’ll be the first to admit that I never appreciated lapbooks before- it always felt like busy work to me.  But I also never wanted to spend the time or energy researching materials, images, and text to use.  With Zeezok’s Lap Book CD everything is there ready to go.  I printed out a couple sections to add to our lapbook each day and let my children have at it.  There’s something soothing about watching your young children make their own interactive book.  My daughters took immense pride in their lapbooks and still love to proudly show them off and share all the things they’ve learned.

*My review and photos will focus on the Schubert biography and accompanying resources.

Why I Love Zeezok’s Music Appreciation Collection

  • 28 weeks of comprehensive (yet flexible) lessons. I was able to easily cater these lessons for my family’s needs. Lessons are rich and detailed and children will learn not only about music but the history, geography, and character traits of the composers.  The workbook is filled with hands-on activities like the lapbook exercises, tasty recipes, and handwriting practice.
  • Pre-planned weekly lessons  so I can ‘open and go’ with minimal prepping. The longer I homeschool, the more I appreciate quality planned resources.
  • Easily adaptable for a wide range of children *not limited to elementary*- A blessing for homeschooling families with multiple kids! I look forward to reusing parts of this curriculum with my children as they get older and we can delve deeper into the stories together.
  • Opal Wheeler’s beautiful and entertaining living books -the spine of the program.  Can I just say I totally ♥ these books!!!

Opal Wheeler’s biographies are captivating living books.  The stories are engaging and fun, the illustrations beautiful and charming, and the addition of the composer’s music lends another layer to the lessons.  My girls have been taking piano lessons this year and loved looking over the music and attempting to read it for themselves.  Zeezok includes a 5 disc CD set of all the music from all the biographies so you can literally stop and experience the music for yourselves.  Indeed- it’s quite instrumental to the program. ;)

Since my kiddos are young (with only one daughter officially elementary aged) we ended up breaking the chapters into two or three separate readings.  This worked better for the short attention spans I was dealing with from my 3, 5, and 7 year old children.  Even by stretching our reading out like this I was still easily able to incorporate our lessons and activities with ease.

In fact, by spending more time with each composer, our appreciation for them only grew stronger.  We seem to run into classical music everywhere and my girls’ awareness of it sometimes exceeds my own!

Expand Your Zeezok Music Appreciation Experience

  • Be sure to look up local symphonies, orchestras, and opera houses near you.  You’d be surprised how often these composers’ works are performed and you might just be able to tie together a live performance into your studies.
  • Pick up the optional Coloring Pages and Bingo Game available through Zeezok.
  • Add to your collection of Opal Wheeler’s composer books by downloading the audio MP3s from Zeezok.
  • Supplement with the fabulous audio collection “In Words and Music” -an informative series of CDs that brings to life the lives of notable composers by interspersing their stories with snippets of their music.
  • Give your child the gift of their ‘very own’ symphony for their next birthday.
  • Add Classical Coloring to your routine.  It’s fun AND easy!

Music; it’s everywhere!

And now you can help turn your children on to music by utilizing Zeezok’s all-in-one Music Appreciation curriculum.  Be sure to check out the rest of Zeezok’s amazing lineup of educational resources to enhance your homeschool experience.

* * * There is a 10% discount on all orders until March 21, 2014 with the coupon code ihomeschool.

Get to Know Zeezok:

Zeezok Music Appreciation Giveaway

One lucky reader will win one music appreciation curriculum ($169.99 value!).  This giveaway is hosted on multiple blogs – one winner will selected from all entries.

Please note the following about the giveaway:

  • If a customer purchases the set during the giveaway, and subsequently wins it, Zeezok will issue a refund of the purchase price.
  • Prize shipped only to US mailing addresses.
  • Giveaway open until March 20, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Winner will be chosen and notified Friday, March 21.

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