All About Spelling and All About Reading Resources

On her way to a classical education.

Stella completed the second volume reader in her All About Reading Level 1 program.  Her excitement exploded when she realized the very last story in this book was about her favorite type of animal- a pig!  (I can still recall Stella’s elation when she began her AAR journey with the PreReading-Level and literally kissed the letter ‘P’ card’s pig picture.  See the infamous kiss photo here.)

I can’t stress enough how much of a joy All About Reading has been for our house.  It’s ease-of-use to implement is great, yes, but–

The real magic of All About Learning Press’ products is in the confidence to learn and the desire to read that they instill in its young students.

To me- it’s priceless in our quest for a classical education.

For my thoughts and experiences on using All About Learning Press resources check out my previous collection of posts:

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  1. Jody says:

    Sweet!! That is such an adorable photo and yes I had to go back for a peek at the pig kiss. Oh my she has grown and I’m so glad to hear that AAR is going so well for you.

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