REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – “In A Heartbeat” by Laura Doherty

My girls like music;  I like music. I find our radio almost as much as a diversion for my girls as the television and one I don’t need to monitor as much.  If a guest were to pop into our house, at any given time, chances are the radio would be blaring either classical music or a medley of children’s songs.

I normally cycle through children’s music artists pretty quickly with my young girls. They find something they like- play the heck out of it for a week or two- and then move on to another CD.

There has been one CD though, that I haven’t been able to take out of the radio since last December-  Laura Doherty’s “In a Heartbeat”. This CD has been a fixture and dominating force of playtimes, cleanup times, and pretty much all times in between.

Luckily for me, this isn’t one of those children’s music CDs that drive adults bonkers. From the first few moments when you hear the strumming of the mandolin paired with Ms. Doherty’s soothing tones and infectious lyrics singing “I’m a Little Fish”, you know you’re in for a treat.  The CD runs the complete range from slower songs for calmer moments to faster songs with upbeat tunes that get your toes tapping.  The music alternates between transporting kids from ‘cozy’ to ‘vibrant’ without ever crossing into the dangerous over-stimulated zone.  In a Heartbeat provides the perfect balance of fast-paced beats paired with sweet calming songs to evoke in young listeners a varying array of cheerful and lighthearted emotions.

Aside from catchy music this CD also has another distinguishing feature that my children adore.  The back cover art on this CD is eye-catching and visually pleasing for young children.  My youngest non-reader can easily find the song she wants, match up the number, and plug it in on the radio all by herself.  (Or as she claims, “just like a grownup!”)  I wish all children’s music CDs would have a similar playlist when possible.

In a Heartbeat is slated to be released on February 11, 2014; which, in my humble opinion, makes it a PRIME candidate for a Valentine’s Day gift for children everywhere.  I plan on picking up extra copies for some close friends of ours and sharing them at our local homeschool Valentine’s Exchange party.

You can sample sections from some of Laura Doherty’s songs on her official website.

Or- enter my giveaway for your chance to WIN your very own copy of In a Heartbeat.  Just read through the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win! (Please refresh your page if the widget isn’t showing.)

Good luck!

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17 Responses to REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – “In A Heartbeat” by Laura Doherty

  1. Danielle drown says:

    I love the art work, it immediately caught my kids attention and they wanted to know what I was looking at.

  2. BillieJean says:

    I’d love to have this cd! It’s hard to find decent kid’s music!

  3. Crystal C. says:

    The artwork is adorable. And I love the idea of folk-pop! I’ve got my eye on the cd you’re giving away and the Shining like a Star.

  4. Lisa says:

    My boys loved the song “Domingo the Flamingo” and asked for more songs!

  5. Debby Chandler says:

    I like that Kids in the City CD

  6. Melissa Smith says:

    Shining Like a Star looks like a great before bed CD.

  7. liz l says:

    Her cds look quite playful

  8. Diane L. says:

    She has won 3 impressive awards!

  9. stephanie mcfarland says:

    Laura is ranked one of the top 4 kids’ musicians in Chicago in the 2012 March issue of Time Out Chicago!

  10. Dana Matthews says:

    She picked up her guitar at age 16.

  11. Jennifer Shelton says:

    Shining like a star cd 🙂 My son would love it

  12. Judy Mitchell says:

    the artwork on her cds is incredible.

  13. Robyn R says:

    I really just love her tunes–they are catchy tunes and fun to listen to.

  14. Diana Hatch says:

    started playing her guitar at 16

  15. Nancy says:

    I like her Kids in the City, a Parent’s Choice Gold Award winner.

  16. Emi says:

    I like the Kids in the City cd and it has won awards

  17. Tracy says:

    The artwork on Shining on a Star just looks so peaceful. I think my kids would really enjoy this.

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