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All About Spelling and All About Reading Resources

Stella completed the second volume reader in her All About Reading Level 1 program.  Her excitement exploded when she realized the very last story in this book was about her favorite type of animal- a pig!  (I can still recall … Continue reading

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They Grow Up So Fast . . .

Our little girl is getting big. I’ve never had a pet before, let alone a puppy, so this whole experience has been a bit of a whirlwind for me. She’s a cutie though; I think we’ll keep her.   Do you … Continue reading

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Host a “Curriculum Chat” in Your Homeschool Community

Picture this— long rows of tables filled with curriculum and resources beautifully arranged. However, unlike conventions, used-curriculum sales, and conferences you are NOT running around like a foreigner in a Moroccan bazaar overcome by an intoxicating drug-like frenzy frantically purchasing … Continue reading

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Einstein’s Lesser-Known Theory

Theory of Productive Creativity (or Theory of Productivity for short) : Wisdom= Imagination x Freedom³

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Periodic Table Resources for Children

Does this ever happen to you?  Something unplanned and possibly off-topic finds a way of landing in your child’s radar and completely captures their attention and somehow resource materials barrage you at the same time to reinforce the unschooled approach? … Continue reading

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A Berry Wonderful Valentine’s Day

Today we met up with some local homeschoolers for a field trip to a family-run farm where we toured the property and learned how they grow such scrumptious fruits and veggies, and then spent the afternoon picking strawberries together.  Afterwards … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY – All About Learning Press $50 Gift Certificate

In my house spelling and grammar are important subjects.  We’re not of the mindset that ‘everything you need to know about spelling you can find on spellcheck.’ I don’t want my children relying on a computer’s auto-correct any more than I want … Continue reading

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Ending Your Day With a Picture Book

We start off our day with picture books…. I don’t know why it’s taken me until now to realize we should end our days with them too. Every morning during circle time I read a handful of picture books to … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – “In A Heartbeat” by Laura Doherty

My girls like music;  I like music. I find our radio almost as much as a diversion for my girls as the television and one I don’t need to monitor as much.  If a guest were to pop into our … Continue reading

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Balancing All About Spelling and All About Reading With Multiple Children

My recent posts about my current “homeschooling-rut” have been therapeutic for me to write.  I’m still searching for a better math fit and I’m steadily working my way out of my current sense of homeschool-ennui.  In writing these posts I realized … Continue reading

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