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Beware of the BLOB ! ! ! – A Video Guide to Getting Started With Geography Blobs

I’ve never actually seen this classic horror movie but I can’t hear the word BLOB and not hear the cliched “damsel in distress” B-movie scream. Classical homeschoolers though, have a whole different notion of the term blob – or more accurately … Continue reading

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In reflecting on our past homeschooling year one of the highlights that immediately springs to mind is our All About Learning Press materials.  We’re currently working through two of their programs.  My oldest daughter Mira has been working through All … Continue reading

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Give Your Kids Their Very Own Symphony!

My daughter Lyra turned 3 years old last month and has been proudly showing off that fact to anyone and everyone.  I love seeing her chubby-toddler fingers carefully and meticulously splay apart as she displays her ripe old age. Needless … Continue reading

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How A Queen Taught Me to Love Non-Fiction

Aside from obvious major milestones like graduations and having children, there are smaller events that, although lacking the fanfare or pomp and circumstance of something BIG, nevertheless leave an indelible mark upon you.  Mental bookmarks that, once placed, will forever … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – The Remarkable Ronald Reagan by Susan Allen

A child interested in a book is a good thing; but a child interested in a biography is a powerful thing.  Why? Because a captivating biography can imbue a child with the empowering thought that they are the main character … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – June 19, 2013

(am I ever really wordless?) I’m in love with my new home.  I’m in love with the house; I’m in love with the land; and I’m in love with the great expanse of sky readily available for us to unobstructedly view. … Continue reading

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HOMESCHOOL YEAR IN REVIEW – Explode the Code Primers and Workbooks

As part of my Homeschool Year In Review series I wanted to recap our experiences with the Explode the Code primers and workbooks thus far. Explode The Code provides a sequential, systematic approach to phonics in which students blend sounds to … Continue reading

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My Homeschool Year in Review

How is it that it’s already time to get prepared for the next school year?  Didn’t I just do all of this prepping and planning?!? It feels like only yesterday that we had our first day of school, where the … Continue reading

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Before and After Tropical Storm Andrea

Would you believe that I have been so wrapped up in this move and renovations that I didn’t know a tropical storm was barreling towards us last week.  Thursday I decided to drive out to the old house to pick … Continue reading

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Trivium Tuesdays- Classical Link-Up #61

I’m thrilled to have my bloggy-buddy Amy from Living and Learning at Home guest posting a classical education link-up here today.  Be sure to add your own classical posts to the collection and help spread the word.  Also be sure to check … Continue reading

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