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Wordless Wednesday – May 22, 2013

Yup.  Still moving. So we’ve taken a week off of school and I’m not even attempting to get any substantial blog posts up. In fact- I’ve been almost completely unplugged since before the weekend.  I haven’t even been able to read … Continue reading

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Bites, Bears, and Buzzards. Oh My.

Adjusting to country life is- well. . .  an adjustment.  Even taking aside the normal pangs of moving and the head ache involved in home renovations, it’s still a big change.  We’ve had possession of our new home for just … Continue reading

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Imperfect Homeschool – A Truthful Dose of the Homeschooling Uglies

There’s not many aspects of a person’s life that can be described as “perfect” and homeschooling is no exception.  Yet sadly, the edited and revised posts of homeschooling bloggers can leave those on the other side of the screen wondering, “How the heck … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – May 8, 2013

Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY for your chance to WIN a fun, soon-to-be-released, classical music children’s CD.

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – “Whatever I Want To Be” by Young Avenue Kids

In my most recent post, I shared 7 Tips to Help Instill a Love of Classical Music and laid out some simple suggestions to foster an early appreciation in young children. One of the easiest tips to implement is simply playing more … Continue reading

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7 Suggestions For Fostering a Love of Classical Music In Your Children

If I could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of my life- without a doubt it would be classical.  Classical music can raise my spirits; it can bring me to tears- it motivates and inspires me. … Continue reading

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Surviving Homeschooling During a Move

Since signing for our new home and beginning renovations schooling for us has been hit or miss.  More miss.  I’m constantly dragging the girls from our old house to the new and back again.  Instead of our time-tested school days we … Continue reading

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