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Wordless Wednesday – January 30, 2013

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The Bump Which Caused a Lump (in my throat)

Every so often I come across a children’s book that gives me pause.  Some picture books are just witty and cute, some silly and fun, some teach the ABCs or 123s . . . most have some sort of lesson, … Continue reading

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REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – Circle C Beginnings – early readers

Yesterday I shared with you my girls’ growing interest in the country lifestyle and all things equine. Before Christmas I had scoured homeschooling forums and websites trying to find fun yet educational gifts to help foster this passion.  You can … Continue reading

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Green Acres is the Place for Us

My husband and I are thrilled that our daughters seem so keen on the idea of a more “country-fied” lifestyle.  Just the other day Mira informed me that she “really, really misses living in a house with a lot of land.” … Continue reading

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Trivium Tuesdays-Classical Link-Up

Today’s post is a special treat by my blogging buddy Amy over at Living and Learning at Home.  Amy started up a weekly Classical Homeschooling link-up that I frequently contribute to. The Trivium Tuesdays’ collections are a fount of ideas, … Continue reading

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Fancy a Spot of Tea?

I’ve been wanting to purchase my girls a functioning tea set for awhile.  This past Christmas I finally took the time to research an ungodly number of sets with the intention of finding one that would appeal equally to my … Continue reading

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. . .that is, of course, unless the horse is the famous “Baby Butterscotch”

Okay friends- it’s time for me to come clean.  You may remember this post I wrote shortly before Christmas about Mira’s current passion for horses. . .  You know- the one where I firmly planted my feet and said we would … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – January 9, 2013

Mira secretly worked with Nanny to learn how to make this for me.  She was so proud to have me unwrap it on Christmas morning.  Then again- so was I!

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Virtue and Values

Awhile back a good friend of mine started using We Choose Virtues with her young kids to begin a dialogue about traits, characteristics, and the choices we make to be ethical, moral people.  A short time after that a separate, unrelated friend showed me … Continue reading

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