This post is a guilty admission on my part.  It’s about one those little “pranks” we as parents can take on our trusting, innocent children.

Look at my adorable girls here. (Picture taken circa last year sometime.)  My kiddos.  So sweet.  So carefree.  So unsuspecting.  So happy that Daddy is offering them some candy.

Did I forget to mention that Howard has an insatiable appetite for sour candy and is on a personal quest to find the world’s most sour snack?

“What the heck is this?!?”

Stella eventually powered through but was not amused.  Not. one. little. bit.

Lyra watched the events unfold and eventually curiosity got the best of her.

Howard was only too happy to oblige.  Muwhahaha!

After the first bite her eyes instantly watered.

She stumbled around for the next few chews like a drunken sailor.

But then…

Hmmmm. . .

Hey! She likes it!  Lyra Likes It!

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