(Not) Back-To-School Gift Bags

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve already heard me mention how I’ve been purchasing and hiding away school supplies and treats to surprise my girls with on their first day of homeschool.  I’ve been bargain shopping at Staples, grocery stores, and online sites like Rainbow Resource during all these great back-to-school sales because I envisioned creating a German schultüte (see Wikipedia for picture) and presenting it to my girls bright and early Monday morning.

Over the weekend, I even went so far as to hint to the girls that they would be getting new surprises for school which prompted Stella to exclaim (in her high-pitched excited voice) School IS soooo ‘xciting! Just like Christmas!

And in a way she’s right . . .

Yes, I do have a sense of security that has overtaken the place in my heart where fear used to reside at the thought of schooling my children.  The panic and unease have shifted over the past year to a solid secure determination.  I now feel only relief at the fact that we’re traveling this road together…for the long run.

The night before our first day of homeschool I did feel a bit like Santa secretly preparing their goodie bags.  By the time I unearthed all the things I’d been stashing away I had a pretty big pile of goods and at the last minute decided to forgo my schultüte cone and instead opted for larger gift bags.

The binders are what I call “At-A-Glance Day Charts“.  The Velcro squares will show the day’s scheduled activities and lessons so my girls will know what to expect every morning.  They can take off each subject square as they complete it and see what’s left.  (Thanks to Homeschool Creations for their workbook tags.) In the image below I displayed four sample activities on Mira’s chart.

The girls woke up Monday morning eager and excited to start our school day.  I have a post in the works describing our first day of school and sharing some of the highlights with you; but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of the day.

It was a memorable start to our school year with plenty of smiles to go around.  This is one tradition I think we’ll be keeping.

What about you? Do you have any fun traditions to share?  A specific meal or first day photo, perhaps?  Anyone take special Not-Back-To-School field trips?  Do tell!

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