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Jim Weiss, The Voice of the Classics

Last month a local homeschooling group organized a storytelling workshop with Jim Weiss. Does that name sound vaguely familiar to you?  If you’re doing Story of the World with your children you probably already heard Mr. Weiss speak.  Yes, Jim … Continue reading

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To Boldly Go . . .

I wanted to take a moment and thank all my readers for being patient with me while we undergo some changes here on my blog. I appreciate all the emails and feedback I’ve received.  You’ve helped make this transition easier. … Continue reading

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A+ TutorSoft Math Curriculum Review

Earlier this year I was asked to review a new resource called A+ TutorSoft.  They currently offer math software-curriculum for grades 3 and up. Basically their software includes a virtual textbook, workbook, multimedia lessons and reviews, printable worksheets and exams, … Continue reading

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A Day’s Lesson With All About Spelling

Since my last post on All About Spelling I’ve had a few emails asking how I implement an actual AAS lesson.  One reader even said that “all those tiles made the program look a bit intimidating”. So last week I … Continue reading

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Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading- Completion!

As far back as I can recall Mira has had an interest in books and words.  Even as an extremely young baby she would listen contentedly for long stretches of time as her father and I took turns reading to her. By the time … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day my mathematically savvy friends!   So, show of hands for who has pie planned for dessert tonight?  Or some other cute tie-in perhaps?  {Waving my hand enthusiastically!}     *Also, if my crafty, crocheting sister is reading this … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – March 14, 2012

This picture (although taken last month) is a pretty good representation of the past few days.  This past week has been filled with days of staggered illness.  As soon as one kid gets better, the next starts showing symptoms.  At … Continue reading

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Beethoven’s Wig is {a} Big {Hit}

Two weeks ago, Howard and I took our girls to the circus and – not once, not twice, but on three separate occasions during different acts the music blaring over the loudspeakers was jazzed up renditions of classical pieces.  The first was … Continue reading

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Shortly after the birth of my first daughter I dabbled in the blogosphere and kept a small blog where I attempted to capture some of the experiences of being a new mom.  I enjoyed having the creative outlet but eventually … Continue reading

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A Flare of Stellar Stuff

While clearing out images on my cell phone I came across a picture of Howard’s most recent exhibit currently on display at our local museum.  I thought it would be fitting to post today seeing that the Sun has been … Continue reading

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