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Learning Together… Adding “Layers” on your lessons to incorporate varying ages

The more practice I get homeschooling my three daughters, the better I get about coming up with ways to include varying learning-levels at one time while still keeping everyone’s attention.  For example, there’s an alphabet match-up game I do with … Continue reading

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All About Reading- PreReading Program

Last week was an exciting week for Stella.  She began her very-own reading program: All About Reading! I taught my oldest daughter, Mira, to read using a rather piece-meal approach; it wasn’t structured but it worked.  Mira, now at age 5, is a phenomenal reader … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday- February 22, 2010

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Read-Alouds Worth Reading Aloud

Yes, I know reading aloud is worthwhile in it’s own right. But some books just hit the ball out of the park. There is something intoxicating about reading a well-loved book from your own childhood aloud to your children. It allows you … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday- Feb. 15, 2012

When the dog bites When the bee stings When I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don’t feel so bad. A printer, a laminator, a paper cutter- these are a few of my favorite things!

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The Force is Strong in Them

It has begun.  My girls have found Stars Wars. Well- the Clone Wars animated series but, in any event, they’re addicted and determined to train as Jedi.  (Or possibly join the Separatists as Mira has a weird fascination with General Grievous.)  Just … Continue reading

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Multiplying Our Interest in Math

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on Mira’s math progress.  We’re still happily chugging along with Miquon but we also picked up Singapore Math.  There are a few reasons for this.  One is that Miquon, although fabulously … Continue reading

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CurrClick’s Whisper Winter Sale

Are you a sucker for anything free too?  It’s not unusual for me to sign up for some free deal or buy something at a bargain price for resources I know I won’t be using for years.  I don’t know why I … Continue reading

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Keeping With Fancy

I was thrilled when a couple months ago Mira asked if she could learn how to do “that fancy writing”.  I should mention it’s not my handwriting she admires; mine is- though legible- just not pretty.  And definitely not fancy.  If … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday- Feb. 8, 2012

We’re classy. We frequently attend the theater.

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