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Mini Magnet Board

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out a better way of storing all of our magnetic learning toys.  You know- fridge alphabet magnets, magnetic poetry kits, and all those great Leap Frog toys whose pieces inevitably end up missing … Continue reading

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Adding in {Another} Younger Learner

It seems like just yesterday I wrote this blog post about incorporating my middle daughter Stella into our “school” activities. It’s ironic that I recently stumbled upon it again because-  here we go again. I’ll explain. Stella demands school work … Continue reading

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Seven Lies About Homeschoolers

In lieu of a written post, I wanted to share this video and give a shout-out to all those awesome pajama-clad homeschoolers out there. Edited to add:  I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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The Hobbit

Since the birth of our first child, Howard has been eagerly awaiting the day he could introduce his children to the world of Tolkien.  After 5 years he decided he had waited long enough. Earlier this month Howard started reading “The Hobbit” to … Continue reading

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Something Cambrian This Way Comes

We took some time around Christmas and learned about the beginning of the Paleozoic era by focusing on the Cambrian period.  There have been several books and documentaries that have been absolutely invaluable to our prehistory unit study.  I am working on … Continue reading

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Closing up the Precambrian

We’ve been having fun learning about the big history of the universe and the early evolution of our little planet.  We’ve spent a nice amount of time delving into the Precambrian period and have had some memorable activities and read some thought- … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Jan. 11, 2012

Happy New Year !

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Evolving into 2012

So far so good; homeschooling is going very well these early days of of 2012.  Reading, writing, math- things just feel good.  I’ve gotten a relatively steady balance between getting Mira’s kindergarten work done while introducing Stella to some “play-school”- … Continue reading

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For the Love of the Rods

I’m thinking I need to create a bumper sticker for my car.  Something along the lines of this: I really just want to share my love of these colorful learning sticks to anybody and everybody that will listen.  Seriously- if … Continue reading

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An *Almost* ”All I Want For Christmas” Moment

A couple days after Christmas we took the kids to a local strawberry farm for some fresh strawberries.  The weather was beautiful, the sky was blue, and the strawberries were delicious. Did I mention the fact that they served fresh … Continue reading

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