…and the stockings were hung.

Growing up, my siblings and I were lucky enough to have personalized knit stockings that a family friend made for us.  Those stockings stand out in my mind as the symbol for the excitement of our family Christmases.  What better representation of the warm, fuzzy happiness of the holidays than warm and fuzzy stockings?

So when I got pregnant with my first child I knew that a boring ole’ store-bought stocking would never do- I scoured the internet for the perfect Christmas stocking.   I was picky and had it in my head what I wanted:  I wanted something not too big and not too small,  I wanted it knitted and personalized, and I wanted it tasteful, not tacky, and in the spirit of Christmas.

After countless hours searching and asking around, I found them.  Pat at Angora Valley has been helpful with every special request and question I have ever thrown her way.  I have since purchased a stocking from them with each of my subsequent children and couldn’t be happier with the attention to detail given to these amazing stockings.

Every year when we pull out our Christmas boxes and I unpack these stockings I feel a thrill of Christmas excitement run through me.  I know that as my girls run to these stockings every year on Christmas morning they will be making their own happy family memories.

And plus, it still makes me laugh that every year when I see my stocking I get a jolt and realize- whoa, I’m the “Mommy!”

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  1. Jenilee says:

    such wonderful memories! I love that about Christmas… every decoration, ornament, stocking is packed full of memories. Thanks for linking up and sharing!

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