Holiday Happenings

Whew- when the holidays come they really come, huh?!  I feel like our schedule has been a bit off track since Thanksgiving and now with Christmas right around the corner- well- I suppose this is yet another reason I’m glad we do year-round homeschooling.  I don’t suffer from too much guilt when some of our days are “homeschooling-lite”.  Things always balance out.

I’ve noticed that a lot of homeschooling blogs that I frequently read seem to be posting rather infrequently too.  It’s funny how the blogosphere does really connect people from all corners of the world.  I find myself missing posts from people I’ve never met.  I miss hearing what their children are up to and the clever activities and lessons they presented to them.  I miss the random thoughts and musings that help me feel less alone in my decision to homeschool my children.

So to all you busy homeschooling families out there- Merry Christmas!  You {and your blogs} are very appreciated.

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One Response to Holiday Happenings

  1. Jenny says:

    That’s so funny because for Afterschoolers like us it’s the opposite. I keep things mellow when my son is in school full time, but now that he’s going to be home for Christmas break I’ve got a ton of plans in store for him! I have to be sneaky though, and keep everything fun and “vacation like”.

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