An Out of this World Book

Continuing on with our prehistory lessons, we recently took some time reading Older Than the Stars by Karen C. Fox.

Due to the author’s use of repetition my girls were able to recite large chunks of it from memory.  Their spontaneous and enthusiastic chiming in of the chorus got me thinking- maybe we could add on an activity just for this book.  It ended up being a perfect activity to mark the end of our ‘cosmos’ section and pave the way for us to begin studying the Earth’s history.

I copied parts of the book and printed off a set for each of the girls.  Then while rereading the original I had the girls “re-envision” their own illustrations.

While the girls drew we discussed some of the concepts and connected them to other resources like our Universe Timeline, our Cosmic Tower, and other current prehistory read-alouds.

Here is the depiction of the big bang from the book:

And here was Mira’s vision of it:

It was neat to watch Mira conceptualize these complex scientific processes- and more importantly see her having fun while doing it.

We took a couple days illustrating the pages and then began binding the book.

The girls picked out their fabric from our stash and they helped iron the wrinkles out.

A few more steps later and voila!

You can see a more detailed blog post here on the process involved in binding books.  Or you can see some more examples of my hand-bound books here.

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