Update on Song School Latin

We started Song School Latin earlier this year but altered it a bit since my girls were so young.  We basically just skipped the workbook entirely since Mira was still focused on learning how to write.  We used the CD to sing the songs and incorporated a lot of made-up games and dances to reinforce the vocabulary.

This past September we officially started Mira’s Kindergarten year, and since her writing has come such a long way I decided to begin using the workbook with her.  Since we’ve already gone over most of the songs it is now more of a review and it allows Mira to gain some experience actually writing out the vocabulary herself.

Stella has been singing and dancing along with us from the beginning and was a bit disappointed that she didn’t have a workbook like her older sister.  So now I attempt to try and print out something similar for her to scribble away on while Mira is working out of her book.

Sometimes it works out nicely and the workbook has an additional set of something in the back of their book.  For example, the People Puppets- the workbook had a small set and a larger set in the back so the girls were able to each color their own.  We laminated them for extra durability and the girls hold up the corresponding puppet when we sing the songs with those vocabulary words in it.

Stella added in a live puppet show for us complete with Latin vocabulary.

I think this Latin program has been the perfect buffer into foreign language for us all.  I knew I wanted to try and tackle a living language with my girls but I had no desire.  Maybe I was just burnt out from a boring couple of years of high school French and a jammed-packed 4 semesters of Spanish in college.  I just couldn’t get myself motivated to tackle either one.

Song School Latin was a perfect introduction and helped us get our feet wet as far as languages go.  I look forward to checking out Song School Latin 2 when it is released and now- I am even feeling ready to tackle another language.

I’m thinking that I’ll research some programs and curriculum and hopefully add Spanish into our lessons later this year or next year.

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