Math Play Day

Friday is our “Math Play Day” and instead of doing our regular Miquon work we do some sort of math “play”.  We’re really loving our math curriculum (Miquon) and in all honesty most days the lessons feel like play anyway- but since we do it Monday through Thursday I thought it would be fun to designate Fridays with something a little different.

Hence, Math Play Day.  I try to find a game, living book, or even a video that relates to whatever lesson we’ve been working on.  It doesn’t have to correspond to the lesson but if I can find one that does reinforce a recently learned concept then so much the better.

While searching around the internet for a fun game on odds and evens I found this painting by Brueghel called Children’s Games.

File:Children.jpgThe painting is an snap shot of the games and activities played by children during the artist’s lifetime. This website from the University of Waterloo has close up images and over 20 descriptions of the games.

The one that caught my eye was (presumably) played in Ancient Rome and is called Odds and Evens.  It is simple, fun, and wonderfully addicting.

Players call out a side- odd or even.  Similar to rock, paper, scissors players throw out a single hand showing zero to five fingers.  The winner is based on if the resulting sum total is odd or even.  There are many variations and enhancements you can make to the game. You can read about them (along with more of the history behind it) here.

Mira and I love playing this game and find it a fun way to pass the time when stuck in a doctor’s office or grocery store line.  We alternate between using one hand each and two hands at a time so we can get familiar with a larger array of numbers.

I’d love to hear what fun activities, games, or books you incorporate to spice up your math life.   🙂

Look here for more Math Play Day activities.

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  2. Hi! I found your blog through the BFSU Yahoo group. I wanted to comment because we have Fun Fridays math, too! I usually read some sort of math picture book ( a riddle from a Greg Tang book) and then play a game. We use RightStart math and love it!

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