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Heading out on a short mini-vacation.  Be back soon!

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Searching for that “Perfect” Timeline

I’m a member of quite a few homeschooling message boards and forums and one thing that keeps coming up-at least for those attempting a classical approach- are timelines.  I won’t be starting World History with my girls for at least … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday- May 18, 2011

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Switching Gears

I picked up a Saxon 1 Math kit awhile back and had been following it pretty closely with Mira.  Recently though, it dawned on me that we really just weren’t having fun with it.  Math was becoming our least favorite … Continue reading

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Christmas Collages

As I go through old pictures stored on my computer looking for images from our FIAR studies, I keep coming across some random shots of different games and activities we have done. These images were from last Christmas.  I had amassed a … Continue reading

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They are lucky they’re so cute…

You know you’re a mom when you find used tissues shoved back into the tissue box.

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Last year I did quite a few Five in A Row units with my daughters.  I’ve had a couple emails asking if I’ve done any more since the last few I blogged about.  The truth is we did but it … Continue reading

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Must-Have “Mentality”

Please check out Jennifer’s post on her Home Schooling “Must-Haves” over at Ray’s Homeschool.  Her take on must-haves took an interesting twist and she wrote about some of the most important character traits a parent needs in order to survive … Continue reading

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For the Homeschooling Mom (who may at times be filled with doubt)

Just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous home schooling moms out there. By defying convention and taking your children’s education into your own hands you not only increase the time, energy, trials, and demands that come … Continue reading

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Your Top Must-Haves (and Don’t-Haves)

While perusing the homeschooling blog-sphere I came across a neat post done by Lori over at Montessori MOMents about her Top Toys under $10 and it got me thinking… There are so many resources that home schooling families utilize- so many in fact that it … Continue reading

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