All Aboard the Reading Train

I was looking for some fun ways to help my daughter learn different site words, vowel teams, and blends.  I came up with the idea to create our own Reading Train where each train car would consist of a new sound.   All I used was some card stock paper in bright, engaging colors and preprinted lined strips of paper.  I wrote out the majority of the sounds I wanted to go over before I laminated the whole thing; but I also included a handful of blank train cars to have on hand for more complicated sounds we’ll encounter later.  I added Velcro to each car and they can be added onto the track as each lesson is mastered.

If I had really planned ahead I could have made 26 additional train cars for each individual letter of the alphabet and used those for my younger children.  Sadly, I didn’t think about that until typing this post out.  But in any event, I chose to laminate it so it would last through each child so I know we’ll get repeated use of it as is.

Our train track ends at Punctuation Station.

Mira and I would sit at the table and go over our sound blend for the day.  After we practiced reading it in different formats I would have Mira practice writing it out herself. When she seemed to grasp the sound she was able to put the new train car on the train. We would then pull out chairs and line them up in a row facing the train.  She would sit in the designated train engineer seat and we would choo-choo along a silly made up train song. Mira would then chug her way through the new sound and review all previous learned ones.

When she completed the track and filled up all her train cars we celebrating by taking a ride on a real train.

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