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Building foundations…

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. – Carl Sagan

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All Aboard the Reading Train

I was looking for some fun ways to help my daughter learn different site words, vowel teams, and blends.  I came up with the idea to create our own Reading Train where each train car would consist of a new … Continue reading

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Creating Happy, Hungry Bookworms One Book at a Time

A friend of mine turned me on to binding my own books.  Since her introduction I have become addicted to turning lessons, collections of favorite drawings, and anything else I can bind into hand-bound books.  I know that the books I make … Continue reading

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Learning with Passion

There are so many benefits to homeschooling and the further my family travel downs this path the more apparent those benefits become.  One of the biggest perks for me is the individualized learning.  Learning is catered to each child’s passion … Continue reading

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Dear Daughters

If you can read this, thank your mother.

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Okay I admit it; I am one of those people that likes quotes.  The way I figure it I’ll take whatever I can to help put an added boost into my step during the day.  A good quote can do … Continue reading

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Sweeeeet Madeline (bom bom bom)

Time for another Five In A Row post! This week we read this classic by Ludwig Bemelmans: Rowing Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline was a lot of fun.  (And if you haven’t been to the official Madeline website you should check it out.  You can sign your … Continue reading

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Stellar Pursuits with Edible Constellations

With Daddy being as passionate about astronomy as he is, we couldn’t pass up this constellation book at the library. There are other books by this author that include Zoo in the Sky which focuses on the animal themed constellations, and … Continue reading

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Last October we started rowing Ping.  One of the great things about FIAR is the additional ideas and activities all over the internet.  Just a little bit of searching and you’ll find yourself in a conundrum- it’s VERY easy to … Continue reading

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To Curriculum or not to curriculum

Curriculum.  Some homeschoolers follow one and some don’t.  Since my family is just starting out on our homeschooling journey I decided to give myself a bit of leeway and have fun experimenting doing different activities with my kids during the day while … Continue reading

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